10 Things to Consider When Choosing your Event Venue

10 Things to Consider When Choosing your Event Venue

The venue selection is a very crucial step to set up an event, a wedding or any kind of functions. The heavy load pressure steers off your shoulders when the venue has been selected and done with! Many things have to be considered while selecting the venue for your events like cost, location and many things.

Let’s browse through the many things which need your consideration while selecting the venue-

1. Pay Attention to the Cost

A cost conscious organizer would want to keep the venue cost down or else economical to fit in the catering cost, the decoration cost and many other items too. Also be flexible on the various date selections when negotiating the certain days of the week which tend to cost less.

2. Location

Choose a very convenient location which should set the location in the middle of the city, a place which is very easy to be approached & accessed.
There should be limited geographic range, with reasonable distance from most of the attendees’ homes. Nowadays, offering the attendees a mobile event app is a good way to inform them about the maps and a right direction to the venue.

3. Ambience

Also, pay special attention to the existing decor of the venue. The style, the interiors, the architecture, all has to be paid attention to. The suave and classy decor has to be paid attention.

4. Services & Amenities

One should get to know all the services and amenities which that particular venue offers. Ask whether the avenue has kitchen & can it offer the catering? Also, know if the venue charges a down payment along with the cost of the food for each attendee. Also if the venue has the chairs, tables and linens and the needful furniture. Also, does the venue provide a cleanup crew too? The equipment facility is available or not. So, all these needful amenities which are very much needful should be asked and inquired from the venue officials.

5. Capacity & Minimums

The capacity of how many people can the venue adjust should also be known. That will lead you to think correctly and not viably about how many people should be invited in that proper event. Also, what are the F&B Minimums, should be known to! If the venue offers food or else beverages then find out food and beverage minimums and also get this information in writing.

6. Parking Facilities

Doe the venue has a parking lot or else the valet parking? Also, if they have the easy access to this or not? One can reset PR rent out the nearby parking lot for the attendees or else to know the cost in the ticket prices or have the attendees pay when they park.

7. The Layout

This is also very necessary when you are finding a venue to host your event. Now get an illustrated floor plan of each venue to make their particular section. This layout selections and planning which can make many things quite easier for you to decide and think upon!

8. Accessibility

It refers to the possibility that everyone along with their special hospitality needs can easy access the venue and its amenities too, like parking, free Wi-Fi facilities and the likes.

9. Insurance

Some venues won’t even do business with you if don’t have any insurance. So, there are several venues that require a certain amount of liability as well as they need to be additionally insured for the event too. So, do think about this on while planning for insuring your venue for the venue.

10. Acoustics

Acoustics is that facility which makes sure that you have good sound system of the venue, also is in good working order to ignore loud voices or else any disturbances to the guests.
Thus, while choosing your venue do pay good attention to all these things to make it a good experience for you and your guest too.