7 Reasons Why You Need to Get Massage Therapy in Edmonton

7 Reasons Why You Need to Get Massage Therapy in Edmonton

For people who suffer from chronic or severe pain and discomfort, massage therapy can help. When you’re deciding on treatments, consider massage therapy as a pain reliever with the use of, or replacement to, medication.

To get the right message, you need to find a clinic offering massage therapy in Edmonton. Then spend time asking questions and gathering information to make sure you choose a therapist dedicated to helping you relieve pain.

Here are 7 reasons why you need to get massage therapy in Edmonton.

#1—Reduce or relieve stress

Everyone feels stress. For some, having to deal with too much stress can take its toll physically. Massage therapy reduces your stress levels and sometimes can eliminate the stress you carry.

#2—Relieve postoperative pain

You may feel postoperative pain because other muscles are compensating for those involved in your surgery. A massage can help relieve postoperative pain so you heal faster.

#3—Manage low-back pain

People suffering from low-back pain find it hard to sit or stand without pain. A massage therapist can help relax lower back muscles, relieving some pain and helping you to manage it.

#4—Improve quality of life in hospice care

People are hospice care feel aches and pains. Rather than increase their medication levels, a massage therapy can help them relax and learn to manage pain. Reducing and managing pain improves quality of life for those in hospice care.

#5—Increase range of motion

Massage therapy can help you increase your range of motion by loosening tight muscles for a better, long stretch. If you have tight muscles that limit your range of motion, a message might be just the thing.

#6—Enhance exercise performance

Similar to increasing your range of motion, massage therapy can help you loosen tight muscles to enhance your exercise performance. If you’re restricted from performing some exercises, check with a massage therapist for some help.

#7—Feel happier and healthier

Physical problems can lead to depression. Leading a sedentary lifestyle has negative consequences that affect your ability to exercise to get healthier. You will feel happier and healthier with regular massage therapy to help you deal with stress, pain, depression, tight muscles, and more.


Research in North America supports the health benefits of massage therapy for a variety of conditions like stress, fibromyalgia, low-back or neck pain, etc. Find a massage therapist in Edmonton who can help you improve your health and wellness routine through regular massage therapy.