What are the Best Construction Project Management Companies in British Columbia?

What are the Best Construction Project Management Companies in British Columbia?

How do you find the right construction project management company for your next project? You want a company that manages the entire design and construction team from start to finish. And you also want someone proven to keep your project on budget and on schedule.

All construction project management companies aren’t the same which makes it even more challenging to identify the best one. Here are 3 critical elements you need to consider when selecting the right construction project management company.

1. Hire a company, not an individual

You may connect with an individual and think he or she is perfect for your project, but realize that you’re hiring a company, not an individual. You need to know that the company has a team of professionals available to support the project. And the team must have the experience, expertise, and time necessary to devote to your project for its duration.

A company will have the depth needed to keep your construction project afloat if there are shifts to personnel. For example, what happens to your project if the manager has a medical or personal crisis that pulls him away? The company you choose should have backup resources available who can step in at a moment’s notice to keep your project running on time and on budget.

They should also have policies, procedures, and a management philosophy to which each team member adheres. This makes it possible for someone new to the project to step in and take control when needed.

2. Hire experience

Besides hiring a company, you need to hire experience. You want a company that has worked on similar types of projects successfully. If your project is the construction of a new manufacturing facility, you want a project management company who has experience designing and building that type of project.

Match your project’s unique requirements and issues to a project management company with similar experience to reduce risk and avoid failure. And make sure you get a senior project manager assigned to you so you can benefit from years of experience. It’s likely he or she has been exposed to many issues and has great wisdom to share. Don’t choose of a company that does a bait and switch: proposes a senior project manager, but assigns a junior for the day-to-day operations.

3. Hire a team player

How a construction project management company treats its contractors and vendors should tell you a lot about their values. Avoid those who raise their voices and beat up vendors. You want a construction management company that assembles the best team possible and manages them fairly and firmly.

A team player will make sure you get full cooperation from everyone involved. When team members and others are constantly berated, you can expect performance to decrease. And it usually leads to cutting corners because the pressure is great to make a profit.


Do your research. Find a construction project management company with extensive experience with similar type projects. You also want a senior project manager assigned who treats everyone fairly and firmly. He or she should build a strong team with the goal of meeting or be exceeding your goals and expectations.