How to Care for Your Diamond in Sydney

How to Care for Your Diamond in Sydney

As they say in the famous song – “Diamonds are for ever!” Who knows if that is the case? But you can certainly take steps to keep your diamond looking beautiful and shining brightly for many years to come.

A high-class jeweler who really cares about their diamonds, and not just about the selling of them, should always be your first point of contact when you want to learn how to properly care for your diamond in Sydney. If that jeweler has a reputation for sourcing diamonds of the highest quality, it stands to reason that their standards would be just as high when it comes to the care of those diamonds. They love diamonds – they want to ensure those diamonds are well cared for. That’s the sort of jeweler you want to deal with.

Whether your diamonds are bought loose, as an investment or for later use in a piece, or whether they’re already part of a stunning piece of jewelry, there are certain things YOU can do to take care of them, including:

  • Remove diamond rings when applying anything to your hands, such as liquid soap or hand creams.
  • Don’t wear diamonds when doing housework, gardening or anything strenuous! A hard blow can cause chips on the stone.
  • Don’t leave your jewelry next to sources of excessive moisture or heat for prolonged periods of time.     
  • Store your diamonds properly. Seek advice from a reputable jeweler on the best storage methods.
  • Don’t “over handle” your diamond. Oils from your skin can tarnish the stone over time.
  • Think twice about cleaning your diamond with just any chemical or solution. ALWAYS ask a knowledgeable jeweler about what to use, and what NOT to use.
  • Be wary of ultrasonic cleaners. These machines can do a good job and look like they might make cleaning easy, but you need to know the full condition of the stone before proceeding. Ask a jeweler about this method.
  • Make sure your diamond is insured to the correct value. Diamonds with strong sentimental value are irreplaceable, but to be properly compensated for their potential loss is important. Always know their value and insure them accordingly.

Diamonds are renowned for their sparkle, and a clean diamond sparkles more than most. Cleaning your diamond is one of the fundamental steps you can take in the care of it, and it is something you can do at home…but only after you’ve received expert advice from a jeweler you trust. You should also ask that same trusted jeweler to clean your diamonds, and the jewelry it is part of, on a regular basis. Qualified jewelers who take pride in their work, who love diamonds, and who have the equipment and skills to do a proper cleaning job are the only jewelers you should deal with. Not every jeweler fits that category. You have to be fussy when it comes to choosing the right jeweler – your extra precious diamonds are certainly worth it!