More Clients To Be Attracted As Toronto Marketing Company Becomes HubSpot Partner

More Clients To Be Attracted As Toronto Marketing Company Becomes HubSpot Partner

One of the leading marketing companies in Toronto has officially been certified by HubSpot after successfully undergoing lengthy certification process. The Mezzanine Group is the name of the company. This came after employees were trained for more than 400 hours. They also gained amazing practical experience for the period they underwent training. Mezzanine has been certified in all-in one marketing platform of HubSpot. This excellent platform is very important because it helps to attract and even nature client leads.

Mezzanine is B2B marketing company. It works closely with business to business companies, both small and midsize to boost sales. This is achieved by providing excellent marketing service as if it is a department.

Lisa Shepherd, the Mezzanine President said that they become the marketing department for all the companies that they work with. She added that they provide their service to companies which need different skills of marketing so as to make their marketing activity more efficient and reliable. She continued that this would help such companies reduce costs involved when employing marketers to work on full time basis.

Shepherd stated that HubSpot matches customer’s buying behaviour. She said that in her lastest book’’ The Radical Sales Shift’’, she has discussed how buying has changed in the recent past and what corporations should do in order to get new revenues. She emphasized that HubSpot is designed to make this a reality. Furthermore, she commended that HubSpot is the best tool that will enable Mezzanine company increase sales for business to business companies.

The sales process for business to business has really changed in the recent past. Gone are the days when buyers needed a salesperson to come to them and explain the benefits of the product or service so that they are convinced to buy. Today’s buyers are very busy such that they don’t have time for presentations by salespeople. They prefer to conduct their own research about the product before communicating with a company representative. Any business that wants to attract this kind of buyers should ensure that clear and relevant information is made available to them. This is exactly what HubSpot helps to achieve.

HubSpot provides an excellent platform for marketing companies to use various digital marketing techniques such as social media, email, blogging, SEO as well as other techniques that help to nature and attract customers. This helps to provide business to business buyers with the information they require to educate themselves about the product, understand how the product will help to solve their problem and make a decision whether to contact a salesperson or not.

This formula has proven to deliver the best results. It exlains why HubSpot has an impressive record of success. According to statistics, in bound marketing leads to 25% increase in leads, 60% growth in the number of site visitors and an impressive 50% increase in sales.

Shepherd said that certification will increase their ability to help organizations connect with their clients. She added that is very important to leverage new strategies that will make customer engagement easy and effective. She concluded by saying that marketers who do not adopt inbound marketing are missing out a very big opportunity.