The Great Merchant Terminal Makeover Improves Customer Experience

The Great Merchant Terminal Makeover Improves Customer Experience

We rely on mobile technology in our daily lives. This useful technology has had a huge impact on retail business, making it an essential requirement for most of the transactions. Many merchants from different parts of the world are switching to mobile technology through mPOS platforms. This not only enables them to serve their customers well but also makes it easy to connect with them. It helps customers make a return business.

According to Jordan McKee, a senior executive from Retail Pro, CardFlight and ShopKeep, technology should help merchants meet customers where they are and not vice-versa. He said that mobile phones and software applications can help to make this a reality. He cited Moosejaw, a famous outdoor and outgear retail trader as one of the retailers who have eliminated the use of cash registers. He said that Moosejaw’s company has replaced cash registers with savvy employees who are well equipped with advanced mPOS terminals. These terminals can process different payment methods with mobile payment included.

McKee also stated that it is very important to have employees that are equipped with mPOS terminals. This will help to prevent a situation where customers que on line waiting to be served. This subsequently reduces customer dissatisfaction. It also helps to prevent shopping cart abandonment.

Jordan McKee however cautioned retailers to be very careful when dealing with customers. He pointed out that retailers who have mPOS employees that only stalk customers when they come to the sales floor are not creating favourable condition for return buying which is very essential for business growth. He insisted that technology has to be applied in a manner that will improve in-store experience.
In an exclusive interview, McKee noted that the most important aspect to applying mPOS is the ability to protect sensitive data from intrusion by fraudstars.

He said thar EMV protection is a compulsory solution to all retailers. He advised that companies should enter partnership with security providers in order to protect both themselves and their customers. Already a number of companies are embracing EMV protection to enhance secure full service security payment.

Action System Inc. has for instance announced partnership with two payment technology providers.They include Payment Logistics and Intergrated Payments. They will provide Action System Inc Company and their resellers with certified EMV payment solutions.

In addition, Dejavoo systems and TSYS announced that they had collaborated in order to certify V Series and Dejavoo for the purpose of EMV processing. In the same way, other two companies, Micronics and Retailcloud collaborated to have a POS bundle that is EMV enabled. The bundle will include excellent tools such  Cannon thermal printer, EMV reader among other tools.

The new edition of Payments as Service Tracker contains the latest news as well as analysis about payment service industry. It also comes with profile of 39 players. 10 new provider profiles been added. They will easily intergrate with new features besides facilitating processing of payments. Furthermore, the new profile providers will improve the experience of the merchant.