Trenchless technology being used extensively to make Water Line Repair a breeze in the Bay Area

Trenchless technology being used extensively to make Water Line Repair a breeze in the Bay Area

Trenchless technologies have started to become a popular choice for pipe repair in the Bay area. In many ways, this can be a very cost-efficient option for commercial and residential properties. Plus, choosing to fix pipes using trenchless technology means that your lawn will stay intact because there is no need to dig up the broken pipes. Trenchless pipe repair is done when underground pipes have busted due to erosion or old age.

This new way of installing or fixing water pipes underground have several types of advantages. When a new water line has been installed it will be able to last up to 50 years without leaking or rupturing. The most common type of material that is used in replacement water lines pipes is high-density polyethylene. This type of pipe is 3 to 4 times thicker than the normal PVC pipes that are typically used in water line piping. Being thinker means that the pipes will be resistant to corrosion, leaks, and root intrusion.

Trenchless water line replacement will not damage sidewalks, landscaping, or other structures. Property damage is avoided because there is no need to dig up pipes, which means there is no heavy equipment that needs to brought it. For commercial properties, deciding to go trenchless will mean that they will not have to redirect customers or employees through work construction. Many trenchless jobs are able to be finished on the same day that they are started. This is because trenchless water line replacement takes less preparation and cleanup time, then the tradition trench way.

CIPP Technology

When it comes to trenchless construction in the Bay area there are several different methods that can be used. Specialized water pulling is one of those methods. This method is done through numerous quick steps that involve hooking up old lines to new lines. A soil displacement puller head is used, which is when the old water line is pulled out while simultaneously putting the new line in place.

The missile repair method is done by creating a new path between the two excavation site by using a pneumatic missile. This method is done with quite a bit of precision, which enables the missile to be able to exit at a certain point. Once it has reached the excavation site, the missile is attached to the new water line and sent back through the tunnel.

Cured in Place Pipe

Slip lining, or cured in place pipe (CIPP) is another trenchless method, this is used to restore pipes. This technique installs an epoxy liner into an already existing pipeline, which creates a pipe within a pipe. But be aware that this method is not usually approved by the Bay area sanitary authorities.

Pipe Bursting

The most preferred method is pipe bursting. This repair method is done by first breaking then expanding the existing pipe. While at the same time replacing the busted pipe with the new high-density polyethylene pipes. This is accomplished by pulling the head through the old pipe. The head breaks the old pipe while it lays down the new pipe.