Why You Need Positive Reviews for Your Business

Why You Need Positive Reviews for Your Business

Regardless of whether you are an online business or a small local business, what your customers say in their reviews is important. You should always strive to ensure that your reviews are positive, but why is this so important to your business?

Customer Persuasion

Studies show that a high percentage of consumers search for reviews on the Internet before deciding to purchase goods or hire services. This shows how reviews can influence the public in what they choose to buy. While negative reviews will deter a potential customer from using your business, a positive one is very persuasive and will encourage them to buy from you.

Building Trust

In sales, building trust with customers is an important element of making the sale. In face-to-face sales, the salesperson will work hard and use a variety of sales techniques to persuade a person to buy. With online sales, there is not the same level of interaction. However, positive reviews can help you to build trust with the customers and this will encourage them to buy your products or hire your services.

A Fantastic Marketing Tool

If you have positive reviews from previous customers, you can put them to good use to help you gain new custom. They are a free and effective marketing strategy that you can use in a variety of different situations.

Useful Feedback

Both positive and negative reviews are important to a business because they provide them with useful feedback. You can find out what people like about your business and build on this. You can also learn more about what customers do not like. This information can then be used to make improvements to avoid making the same mistakes again.

Improved SEO

If you are trying to improve your SEO, then having reviews about your business is one strategy you can use. Google uses information from some of the most popular review sites in page rank algorithms. Both the number of reviews listed and the average rating you receive are taken into account. Therefore, by having lots of positive reviews about your business, your web page SEO will improve.


Positive reviews do not only impact on the purchasing decisions of those reading them, they may also influence their friends and family. If they know someone that is looking for the products or services you offer, then they may make a recommendation after they have read your reviews.

Turning Positives to Negatives

Businesses often feel despair if they get a bad review and they are concerned it creates a poor impression of their company. However, you can turn a positive into a negative. Whenever possible, you should respond to a negative review in a positive manner. Apologize for the reviewer’s experience and tell them what action you are taking to resolve any issues. By doing this, even though potential customers are seeing a negative review, they may still view your business in a good light because of your positive response.

These examples clearly demonstrate why positive reviews are so important to your business. Rather than shying away from customers giving you honest feedback, you should actively encourage them to leave a response. Knowing that your customers are reviewing you can keep you motivated and striving for business success.