9 Things You Should Remove from your Resume in 2019

9 Things You Should Remove from your Resume in 2019

We often tend to spend much time in writing our resume or CV but not every time they can pass the scrutiny of a hiring manager. Sometimes we miss certain important facts and again there are several times when we add some unnecessary points to it. Why not you take another look at your resume and do the necessary edit. Are you looking for tips for perfect CV for engineers and other non-engineering disciplines? Then this blog piece is just for you.

Here we share 10 things that could be wrong with your resume or CV and you must avoid them while editing the same.

1. Career Objective:

Replace an objective statement with a professional appearing profile; something that summarizes the best parts of your background and highlights you best. Set the correct tone/theme and use the rest of the resume as a proof.

2. Mailing Address:

Use your city, state and zip instead. Prospective hiring managers and recruiters do not need to know your physical address during the screening process. We also recommend removing this for security reasons and identity protection.

3. Several Telephone Numbers:

Mention the number at which you can be consistently reached. If they want multiple ways to contact you, they would ask for it.

4. Grammatical Errors:

It might look like a small thing, but even the smallest error can be a turn off for a keen-eyed recruiter.

5. Too Many Bullets:

You might be over-bulleting, without knowing, so do not bullet everything. Only highlight the most important information in a good manner.

6. Irrelevant Education:

You don’t need to mention where you went to high school, which college you transferred to, or your GPA. Mention what makes sense for the job you are applying for and exclude the rest.

7. Lengthy Resume:

Unless you need to mention a particular field, don’t make your resume appear bulky with unnecessary texts. Let your resume appear as a clean single page with crucial details and no extra words.

8. False Information:

Do not bend the truth unnecessarily. Never include mistruths or lies. You will definitely get caught and that won’t be good for you.

9. References:

Always provide references on request. If an employer wants them; they will mail you. You do not need to include these on the resume as once was considered a normal practice.

Good Luck!

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