Benefits of Carrying a Derringer

Benefits of Carrying a Derringer

In the late 19th Century, American gunsmith Henry Deringer invented the pocket pistol. His name was later on misspelled as derringer, and it came to mean just about any pocket-sized pistol. Carrying a derringer comes with a few benefits, which will be listed below.

It’s Perfect for Self Defense

There is a well-known principle called the “rule of threes,” which tends to apply to most successful defensive shootings. While there are variables with each individual case, the rule of 3 or fewer rounds at 3 or fewer yards’ distance in 3 seconds or less remains widely true. What this rule of threes really means is that if you ever have to use your gun to defend yourself or someone else, it will happen at very close range, even at arm’s length in many cases. And you will also not have to expend more than three rounds to do it.

You can get a derringer into the fight quickly and easily, which is why this little gun is advantageous in relation to the rule of threes. You never have to worry about the possibility of accidental discharge because there is no striker trigger. There are fewer parts than in a typical handgun, making derringers less likely to malfunction. And they can be quite reliable as long as they’re manufactured by a reputable brand.

They Are So Easy to Conceal

If you’ve seen For A Few Dollars More, you know this. Derringer firearms are very easy to conceal, which is a great benefit for a lot of owners. Many people don’t want to carry a visible gun around, as that can attract negative attention or intimidate other people. Derringers are tiny and go under any type of clothes for a perfect concealed carry. All while still making you feel safe and prepared for any situation. You can take it with you for a jog, a midnight run to grab some food, or for a visit to a bad neighborhood.

Choose the Right Brand

Some people don’t think very highly of these little guns because of a false negative reputation. But the truth is, that depends a lot on the brand. The best derringers out there are made from sturdy stainless steel and are made to be truly reliable and powerful. Although derringers have a low ammunition capacity of just two rounds, some of them are able to change barrels to fire a variety of big bore cartridges, such as the .45 Colt, .44 Special, .357 Magnum and .410 shotgun shells.

Derringers are cute little guns that can be very useful for the purpose of self-defense. If this sparked your curiosity or interest, you can always buy derringer firearms online.