How to capture Unforgettable Bachelorette Party moments with a Professional Photoshoot in Brussels?

How to capture Unforgettable Bachelorette Party moments with a Professional Photoshoot in Brussels?

The city of Brussels is both majestic and peculiar. It is full of stunning medieval architecture and new age art and culture. This capital city is often overshadowed by other more popular tourist cities in the European Union, but should definitely be on your list of must-sees. And it is the perfect location for a Professional Photoshoot.

A visit to Brussels will give you a taste of the charmed European lifestyle with cozy cafés and bars on every corner. However, you can also experience the grandeur of the Grand Place, which will leave you speechless from its incredibly detailed architecture.

Moreover, a forest surrounds the city so everything is possible and you can decide to get pictures in the middle of nature and in the heart of the city during the same day. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?

Be sure to include the beautiful city of Brussels on your wish list for your Bachelorette Party and Professional Photoshoot, so you do not miss out on all that is has to offer. And because these are important memories that you’ll want to preserve forever I would advise to think about booking a professional photo shoot.

Here are my best tips to be 100% ready for it :

If you are the bridesmaid that organizes the Bachelorette Party, let’s organize all-matching outfits for all the girls that will participate. Coordinated shirts, for instance, are such a fun addition to the shoot and will really help to pull great pictures together.

Get accessorized and don’t hesitate to overemphasize. It is a funny moment so let your imagination go wild. We don’t have a lot of occasion for that in our everyday life and a Bachelorette Party is perfect for that 😉

Here are some outfit examples that I took pictures of and that are super photogenic: rock (jeans, converse and leather jacket), sailor-styled T-shirts, flower crowns, bright little dresses, black-dress and bright panties, super stylish high heels, white dresses for the girls and red for the bride to be, all in pink, …

Think about cool accessories as well: balloons, confetti, paillettes, flowers and bring all your good mood and theatre abilities.

Get ready together and let the make-up experts of the group help out the less expert ones and make sure to put make-up on even if you normally don’t do…remember it is a group activity and getting ready together is super fun.

Think about some spots where you would like to take photographs and tell your photographer so that he/she can already have an idea of the atmosphere you want to create.

Then find a photographer you get along with so that (s)he can take care of bachelorette party photo shoot and party for a while with you.

And remember to make the photo shoot a real activity during the Bachelorette Party. Shoots like these prove that photographs don’t have to take a sideline to the main attractions, or worse, feel like a chore. A photo shoot can be a fun event in itself.

Events like bachelorette parties only come around once in a lifetime. You’re surrounded by your best friends in an exciting city at one of the most important moments of your life.

I am already excited thinking about it! What about you?