Libido Booster: 5 Natural Products that Boost Your Sex Drive

Libido Booster: 5 Natural Products that Boost Your Sex Drive













When it comes to sexual enhancement and increasing sexual desire, it isn’t just a men’s game anymore.  There are medications available to increase the desire for men as well as treatment of erectile dysfunction, and even some to boost libido in women, but medications come with so many potential side effects that can be dangerous.  As an alternative, there are many natural products that can boost the libido and some even come with added health benefits.  Let’s look at 5 natural products that boost sexual desire.

1. Tribulus Terrestris

This natural extract comes from a plant that is native to warm, dry climates all over the world, though most commonly in Europe, southern Asia, Australia, and Africa.  Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone production by stimulating the pituitary gland and releasing the testosterone-triggering luteinizing hormones.

For men, the Tribulus Terrestris boosts sexual desire, increases sperm count, and overall enhances sexual desire.  In women, it increases desire as well as lubrication and produces more intense orgasms. For both sexes, there is the bonus of reducing stress, anxiety, and depression as well.

2. Tongkat Ali

This plant is native to Southeast Asia and is known by different names depending on the language; in English, it is often known as Longjack.  Tongkat Ali is beneficial for both men and women when it comes to sexual desire as it is a natural testosterone booster.  The increase in testosterone increases arousal, as well as sensitivity in the erogenous zones.

While many people take Tongkat Ali because it boosts sexual desire & libido, it also has tremendous effects on the brain.  Tongkat Ali is shown to improve short-term memory, as well as brain function.  As an added benefit to both men and women, it can help to stimulate and maintain weight loss as well.

3. Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa is a botanical extract that comes from oats.  For both men and women, it boosts sexual desire by increasing testosterone production; in men, there is the added benefit of treating impotence and preventing pre-ejaculation as well.  For women, Avena Sativa is known to produce multiple orgasms.

Avena Sativa is also beneficial overall; this extract relaxes the body and mind by soothing the nervous system.  It is hypothesized that this soothing and relaxation is what helps women have such a positive sexual experience when using this extract.

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4. Maca Root

Maca is a root extract that is beneficial for the sexual enhancement of women, though it has an overall reproductive system benefits as well.  Maca helps to increase iodine levels in the body which creates a hormonal balance, which is something that many women struggle with.  Women who take Maca experience improved satisfaction with sexual encounters, as well as an increase in sexual energy and stamina.  Women can expect to see improvement in overall menstrual problems as well with Maca, including fewer painful cramps and a more regular cycle.

5. Bombyx Mori L Extract

This mouthful is just a scientific way of saying extract from silkworms of the Mulberry tree.  Dating back hundreds of years, men in China have sworn by Bombyx Mori L to boost sexual desire & lipid, as it is a natural aphrodisiac.  For men, this extract boosts the production of hormones as well as sperm and treats erectile dysfunction.

In addition to the sexual benefits, Bombyx Mori L Extract also has overall health benefits.  There is evidence showing that this extract also treats nerve conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, and migraines, as well as being good for the skin.