All You Need to Know about Frame Lock Knives

All You Need to Know about Frame Lock Knives

If you’re looking to carry a knife for whatever purpose, you need to know that your blade is safe, reliable and easy to operate fast when you need it. A frame lock knife gives you security and comfort when holding your knife in a pocket or backpack, with a rigid structure when open. Frame lock knives are a kind of folding knife, flipping into the handle creating a compact and secure stored knife which you can rely on.

You might encounter a lot of variety when looking for a frame lock knife for sale online, so this guide is designed to give you a full debrief before you make a purchase. Make sure you pick up the right frame lock knife for your needs, so it won’t let you down when it counts.

How Frame Lock Knives Work

The key element of a frame lock knife is that a portion of the handle moves to lock the blade tang when you open it. This differs from a liner lock mechanism, in which a separate liner engages to lock the blade in place. Without the need for a liner, a frame lock blade offers greater simplicity and potentially lighter weight.

When opening the blade, a section of the handle shifts inwards to engage the blade tang and fix it in place. The locking portion of the frame is thicker, which provides additional security to keep the blade in place. It will actually engage the bottom of the blade, underneath the pivot point, preventing accidental closure and keeping your hands safe.

With your hand well out of the way, you can simply press the locking element of back to the other side, which releases the blade. Once released, you can fold the blade away just as with any folding knife.

Factors to Consider

Using a blade lock knife has some distinct advantages, but it is also important to be aware of the limitations. By assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the knife, you can find the right place for your blade lock knife in your collection.


  • Holding the blade will naturally press the locking bar against the blade, providing extra rigidity and security. This can vary depending on the hand you use – left-handed options are available.
  • You can open and close many frame lock knives with one hand.
  • The absence of a spring mechanism actually enables smoother opening and closing, as well as reducing the risk of injury.


  • There is a chance your frame lock knife won’t lock in place properly. This is a risk with any folding knives and doesn’t apply to frame locks knives in particular, but you should check the knife when opening it.
  • A frame lock can wear down just like any lock so you should buy a trusted brand of knife, check reviews and perform regular maintenance checks.