Ohio Homeowners Insurance and The 5 Little-Known Benefits


There are a couple of main reasons you need Ohio homeowner’s insurance. One is to protect your property and the belongings inside it. The second is that you won’t be able to get a mortgage without some type of minimum homeowner’s insurance coverage. But there are also some other benefits that you might not be aware of.

5 Ohio Homeowners Insurance Benefits You May Not Be Aware Of

Losses Resulting From Pet Bites: The liability coverage you get through your homeowners insurance policy may offer dog-bite protection at no extra cost.

While many policies offer liability insurance coverage between $100,000 and $300,000, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III), many homeowners don’t realize how significant this coverage is until they need it. They revealed that the average dog bite claim is roughly $35,000.

The Cost to Bring Your Home Back Up to Code: If a fire ruins your kitchen and the fire extends to other parts of your home, your Ohio homeowners insurance policy may cover any new obligations on top of the damages caused by the fire.

For instance, if a law is approved requiring homes to incorporate water sprinklers in the home to help battle house fires, your insurance policy may cover the cost to install the sprinklers throughout your home as well as take care of any damages that were caused by the fire.

Damage from Dropping Debris: If, for some odd reason, something fell through the thermosphere, and aided by the earth’s gravitational pull it hurtled into your roof, the damages may be covered through your Ohio homeowners insurance policy.

Damages Resulting From Power Outages: Most homeowners insurance policies cover the cost of restocking your refrigerator for up to $500 for food that has gone bad as the result of a power outage.

Family Members (and Their Property) When Not at Home: If you have a child who is a student full-time, when they are away from your home, the personal property and liability coverage that is included in your homeowners insurance goes along with them. The stipulation is that they must have had resided in your home before leaving for school, and they’ll remain covered under your policy until they reach the age of 26.

There may be some limits imposed on the amount of coverage that someone who is living away from home has for things such as personal property. In some cases, insurance companies will cover a percentage of the total amount available for typical losses. 

For instance, if you had $1 million worth of personal property coverage and the limit for those away from home was 10%, they would have coverage for $100,000 worth of their personal belongings.

It’s worth noting that if your relative moves and is required to get their own renter’s insurance, they will no longer be covered under your policy.

Being aware of all the protections your Ohio homeowners insurance provides can be the difference between panic and relief in the event of a home-related disaster.

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