Guides in Selecting a Glass Pipe That Best Fits Your Needs

With a wide selection of Pipes to choose from, a First time buyer might get overwhelmed and unsure. Worry not! Here are some pointers to consider when purchasing a Glass Pipe.

What are Glass Pipes

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Material Type

If  you want to have a smoking experience that’s authentic and that can allow you to actually taste the tobacco or herbs itself, then consider Smoking Pipes that are made out of Glass. Glass pipes are non porous and non combustible that’s why they are perfect for creating wholesale smoking pipes. Not only can it eliminate the tradition of rolling cigar into paper, it also produce a purer flavor. Make sure to look for pipes made in borosilicate glass”. Glass pipes made from this material have been specifically engineered to withstand high temperatures and stand up to a variety of substances and chemicals without affecting the quality of the glass or its surface. Plus, pipes made out of this material can be customized meaning it can be blown out into any shape and size you can imagine. Beware of products offered that are misleading and fake, majority of sellers trick buyers into thinking that “laboratory  grade glass” are the same with “borosilicate glass”.

Smoking Experience


There are various Pipe types and sizes available in the market and each kind caters to specific individual needs and preferences. If you are a simple kind of  type smoker, then spoon or chillum pipes would best suit you. If you want a fast hard hit of herb or tobacco, steamrollers are a way to go. But, if you like the idea of filtration and cooling stuff, glass bongs wholesale and bubblers are your choices. Get familiarized with the different pipe variations to know what fits your needs.


A lot of Glass Retail businesses today offer customization. Got a theme or idea in mind? Want to show off your artistic flair and creativity? They got you, your Imagination is the limit, consider novelty pipes as your options. But if you are more on a clean and elegant look, Glass pipes sold over the web offers a lot of Classic Designs and Styles.



If you travel frequently, you may want something that can be hand carried. Spoon, steam rollers, chilliums and even bubblers are easy to carry when travelling.  Smoking pipes made out of Glass are fragile, so make sure you have a protective case for your glass pipes.


The Price of Glass Pipes can range from as low as $25 up to several hundred Dollars depending on the design and customization put on it. Cheaper pipes means low quality of materials used , which equals easy breakage and cracks. Might as well invest in more expensive but quality ones offered out there in the market rather than purchase inexpensive pipes that won’t last long. Always Keep on track of your Budget range to minimize unnecessary additional expenses.

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