What’re the Advantages of IPTCI Bearings?

Bearings come in all different types depending on the particular application for which they are used. There are roller bearings, ball bearings, linear bearings, slide bearings and more. But if you are looking for a mounted bearing your best choice is mounted bearings manufactured by IPTCI. 

IPTCI supplies standard bearings that can be used for duty from light to medium. They also have corrosion resistant bearings. You may need this type of bearing I the application will be subject to chemical wash-downs. IPTCI offers nickel-plated units in addition to chrome-coated inserts as well as stainless steel and black oxide inserts. You can choose the correct product based on your project’s economics and the application itself. 

What Are Mounted Bearings?

An advantage of IPTCI bearings is that they specialize in mounted bearings. When they develop new products, they concentrate specifically on one type of product. Therefore, all of their work and any new developments are focused on this one area. This allows them to produce products that are not only innovative but also products that are cost-effective. 

Their products are designed for reliability. When it is the only product you produce it is important to be a reliable supplier. IPTCI believes this gives its customers an edge over their competition. A reliable, innovative product gives them confidence and the cost-effective bearings allow that benefit to be passed on to the customer who can then use it to give them a competitive edge in their pricing. 

There are a variety of types of mounted bearings. They are actually mechanical assemblies. They are bearings that are housed within either threaded mounted components or they are bearings housed in bolt-on components.  

Which type you use depends on the application of the bearing. Each of the two types of mountings has a variety of different types. Again, which type you use depends on the application. Mounted bearings are generally used in machinery with rotating shafting that is exposed. They are also used at the end of conveyers as take-up devices and can also be used at intermediate points.

If you use the mounted bearings at intermediate points you would usually opt for a flanged unit. Mounted bearings are specifically designed so that they can be replaced easily and can be bolted on to mount them. 

Pillow block bearings are one type of mounted bearings. The pillow block, which houses the bearing, is secured to a foundation by bolts. The shaft and inner ring, then rotate. These are used for applications that have a light load and require less torque.   

If you have drive and screw conveyor applications, you may need a hangar unit. Hanger unit types of bearings are rotational bearings.  They are used extensively in agricultural applications. They are also used in automotive and aircraft assemblies. In addition, you will find them in driveshaft assemblies for marine applications. Hanger elements are either rolling or plain. Though plain hangar bearings have continuous contact with the inner and outer race surfaces and roller bearings have elements that reduce the friction, both types need continuous lubrication to ensure they operate to their recommended lifespan.