Why I Need Online Dental Coaching

Why I Need Online Dental Coaching

     Now, more than ever, the need for online dental coaching is imperative. With social media in its prime and Coronavirus changing the way people interact, the world is looking at a whole new medium that lacks face-to-face contact when it comes to first impressions. 

     Dental receptionist phone skills training is critical because it provides your staff with the proper tools to market your office to its highest potential without your receptionists sounding ingenuine or pushy. It is natural human behavior for people to look for indications on whether or not the person they are speaking to is sincere, which makes it all the more important for your receptionists to have proper dental office phone training.

     Think about it, when a prospective new patient calls your office for the first time, it is essentially the most critical moment in their decision making. It is at that moment that they will decide whether or not they are sold by what your dental office has to offer, all based on what your receptionist has told them. Especially when your small practice is competing against large corporate dental offices, it can be difficult to stay on top and gain new patients. However, with the guidance of All-Star Dental Academy’s online dental coaching, you can equip your Team Members with proper dental phone training and dental phone skills to make your dental office stand out amongst the rest. 

     Dental receptionist phone skills training is crucial in order to show your new and existing patients that you care. It is extremely effective as it leaves a long-term impression of what your dental office is like, providing callers with an excellent new patient experience. It also bestows a positive mindset on new patients when they come into your office for the first; willingly wanting to be there because they know you care for their well-being. 

     Being prepared is not just a saying, it is a real motto to live by when it comes to answering the phone. Potential new patients want to feel comfortable, knowing that the person they are speaking to is knowledgeable and has the capability to answer their questions. Also, many callers are unsure of what is wrong and seek guidance that your receptionist can provide, all the while giving a great impression to the caller about your practice. 

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     It is a known fact that not everyone is a fan of visiting the dentist. Many people are afraid and will put off a dental visit for years until the last possible moment when they can no longer take the pain in their mouth. It is during moments like this, that it is extremely valuable to have dental phone training and dental phone skills in order to comfort the caller and make them aware that your office is of the highest standard and you will take care of their every need. 

     This is also the moment when dental receptionist phone training can ensure that your Team Members can and are willing to take control of the conversation in a polite manner. By taking control of the conversation, it allows for your receptionist to guide the caller in case they get off track. This is especially important because as any receptionist will know, the number of callers can be overwhelming, and you want to make certain that they are friendly and helpful, but also maintain good time management skills. If done properly, with the help of online dental phone training and dental phone skills, the caller will even be thankful for the support your receptionist is providing them, by guiding them through the call, reminding them why they are calling in the first place: in order to schedule an appointment to address a dental concern or to prevent one. Callers will like how supportive and efficient your Team Members are. 

     First impressions are not the only things that matter. The entire phone conversation must be of the utmost importance to the Team Member answering the phone, in order to prove to the caller that they care, and in turn, leave a good portrayal of what your dental practice is like. After all, the first few seconds, not just minutes, on the phone, can have a major impact on whether or not callers will make the decision to select your practice to be their new dental office, or in the case of an existing patient, continue to be a loyal patient. However, final impressions can be almost or equally as important since it is the last thing the caller will remember. No one wants to end a call on a negative last impression. It sets up a bad feeling and leaves the caller anxious to visit your dental practice. If the caller decided not to go to your practice at the time, they might feel relieved that the last negative impression that your receptionist left them with, confirms their belief that they made the right decision not to go to you. Not only that, they will tell others, such as family and friends, about the negative phone experience they had when they called your office, thus costing your dental practice money and suffering negative reviews online. This can all be prevented with online dental coaching, specifically dental receptionist phone skills training since knowing how to leave the last impression can be one way to ensure that callers remember the positive experience they had on the phone with your Team Member. 

     Having the proper online dental coaching for your dental receptionists can save your practice time and money. It can also be a relief, releasing anxieties you may have had or are experiencing when you see a lack of positive reviews online or few new patients calling to schedule appointments. Having Team Members trained helps secure your dental practice because you know they have the knowledge to gain new patients and keep existing ones. 

     Online dental coaching is an important aspect to keeping your dental office successful and by providing your Team Members with dental office phone training, you can increase the value of your office and in-turn, gain more new patients.