7 Tips to Use Topical Cream For Genital Warts

7 Tips to Use Topical Cream For Genital Warts

Using a Topical Cream For Genital Warts is the most effective way to treat warts because the process needs to be area specific to remove the warts. If you attack the area where the wart is you are far more likely to remove the problem rather than a more broad based approach such as pills or tablets.

The virus for genital warts is based in the top layer of skin called the epidermis layer, it is the Human Papaloma virus that cause all warts. As the virus is located in the top layer of your skin that is where the symptoms occur and you get genital warts. The symptoms you want to target in the top layer of skin are area specific so using a topical cream for warts is the most effective way to target the area of the symptoms.

This isn’t always easy. The skin of the human body is designed to protect and provide a barrier from outside infection. Therefore applying a topical cream for warts can sometimes be ineffective because of this protective barrier.

Clinical Strength Somxl ® contains a powerful trans-dermal. Which is designed to move past this protective barrier and allow the active ingredients for wart removal. The trans-dermal provides faster more effective penetration so it can target that wart symptom and remove them fast from your body.

We encourage our patients to apply our Clinical Strength Somxl ® by hand. Its often more effective and accurate. You can feel the wart or warts this way and can be sure you have rubbed it into the infected area effectively. However this is not crucial and we do provide an applicator for our treatment if you prefer and do not wish to
apply by hand.

Clinical Strength Somxl ® is designed is be quick and easy for you to apply. All you have to do is take a small dab of the treatment on your finger or applicator, about the size of a match head. Rub it into the wart or warts. Do not worry if the treatment is not only on the wart, it will not damage healthy skin. This process is required only twice a day for results.

Genital Warts

The use of a topical genital wart formula also reduces the chances of side effects. A topical formula can be tested in a small area first to check to see if your skin reacts unfavourably to the treatment before applying it in all areas. More broad based approaches such as pills or tablets do not have this advantage and if the treatment has an unwanted side effect, you will experience it completely until it has passed through your body.

Using Somxl ® as a topical cream for genital warts is the most effective way to remove them from your genital area, it is easy to apply and its trans-dermal technology achieves faster deeper penetration. Start now. Take control with Somxl ®.